Application range of PTFE Glass Cloth

Application range of PTFE Glass Cloth

Application range of PTFE Glass Cloth

Due to its heat resistance, corrosion resistance and non-stick properties, PTFE Glass Cloth is widely used in aviation and major industrial fields. According to the different grades of T PTFE Glass Cloth production, the corresponding applicable aspects will also be different, such as:

First, PTFE Glass Cloth-application range of standard grade

Standard grade PTFE Glass Cloth is made of imported materials. In addition to good anti-corrosion and heat resistance, the surface is smoother, smoother and non-sticky.

This PTFE Glass Cloth can be used in the general industrial field, and also in the release of plastic or some products’ separation sheet, gasket and release surface.

Second, PTFE Glass Cloth-food-grade application range

Food grade PTFE Glass Cloth has smooth and flat surface, good anti-sticking performance, good heat resistance and easy to clean. Therefore, it is generally applicable to the food industry and other aspects. For example: heating food gaskets, baking trays, microwave gaskets.

Third, PTFE Glass Cloth-antistatic level

In addition to the performance of traditional PTFE Glass Cloth, this PTFE Glass Cloth can also have antistatic properties through special processes. Therefore, it can be widely used in insulating materials, microwave drying PTFE conveyor belt, flexible compensators, and friction materials. etc.

In addition, PTFE Glass Cloth can also be applied in anti-corrosion coating, lining and padding, construction, grinding wheel cutting, etc. More about the scope or application of PTFE Glass Cloth.
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