PTFE Glass Cloth Tape

Wellflon uses excellent high temperature resistant PTFE glass cloth after chemical treatment,coating silicone or crylic acid gule made into many good properties PTFE Glass cloth tape.It is with high quality of smooth surface,strong stickiness,heat-resisting,wear-resisting Strong insulation ect.


ptfe glass cloth tapeptfe glass cloth tapeptfe glass cloth tape

PTFE Glass Cloth Tape is well known as its smooth surface, non-stick, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance and insulating properties, it is widely used in packaging, heat moulding, laminating, sealing and electrical industries etc. PTFE Glass Cloth Tape is enhanced by fiberglass cloth, which improved its tensile strength. It could be used to plastic moulding calender rolls, is reus-able,easy to be installed.

Features of PTFE Glass Cloth Tape:

  • High temperature resistable,strong anti-corrosion property(by this advantage,it can be used for dyeing).
  • Good anti-stick porperty on surface(by this,it can be used for demoulding).
  • Good viscosity,long service time.18N to 22N force is needed to remove a 4cm width belt which is adhered to steel plate.
    (Coeficient of viscosity can be customized according to diferent requirements).

Application of PTFE Glass Cloth Tape:

  • As coatings of high-temperature roller,heating plate,demoulding unit.
  • Heat-sealing materials for food,medicines and plastic bag.
  • As gaskets of trough,hopper,aviation molds.
  • Other fields in which surface treatment is needed to reach anti-stick, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance properties.
  • For pacdaging,thermoplastic,composites,heat sealing,electrical and electronic industries.

Physical Characteristic of PTFE Glass Cloth Tape:

Color option Thickness ±0.02(mm) Maximum width Weight of Fiberglass (g/㎡) Total weight (g/㎡) Adhesion strength (to steel) Tensile strength High Temperature Peel Test (260℃,30mints) Docking Test (Time) Heat Resistance
Brown/black/white 0.08mm 1250mm ≥90 ≥130 22N/100mm 900N/100mm  

No Peel



Brown/black/white 0.13mm 1250mm ≥150 ≥250 28N/100mm 1700N/100mm -70-260℃
Brown/black/white 0.18mm 1250mm ≥240 ≥300 48N/100mm 2750N/100mm -70-260℃
Brown/black/white 0.25mm 1250mm ≥380 ≥430 62N/100mm 3650N/100mm -70-260℃



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