Whether the PTFE baking sheet is PTFE glass cloth?

Whether the PTFE baking sheet is PTFE glass cloth?

Whether the PTFE baking sheet is PTFE glass cloth?

Many people are looking for baking sheet. In fact, there are many kinds of  baking sheet. However, in our industry, PTFE baking sheet actually refer to high temperature resistance PTFE glass cloth. Also known as PTFE baking sheet or Non-stick PTFE baking sheet.

PTFE baking sheet is a kind of PTFE high temperature glass cloth which can be used repeatedly in the baking tray of the oven. It is made of PTFE coated with glass fiber cloth, and then cut according to the shape of the baking tray. The specific shape or specific specification becomes the PTFE baking sheet used on the baking tray.

PTFE baking sheet is mainly used for food heating and as an oven gasket. It utilizes the high temperature resistance and non-stick properties of high temperature cloth. This product is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product that can be reused, so it is processed in bread. The food processing industry such as cakes and biscuits has been widely used.

The common specifications of PTFE baking sheet are 330x400mm, 400x500mm, 410×580, and the thickness is 0.08MM~0.25MM, but the actual size can be cut according to customer requirements, but the loss according to the specific specifications is different. Therefore, it also affects the price of each piece of PTFE baking sheet. The common width of PTFE glass cloth is 1m and 1.25m. However, the size of the customers are different. In order to reduce the loss of both parties, our manufacturers share the burden. Ways to calculate losses for cooperation.

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